Thomson SpeedTouch 330 Windows 7 Driver (win7) Download - Solution

Don't spend more time searching for the windows 7 driver of your Thomson Speedtouch 330 USB ADSL modem, here you will find a working solution for this unreleased driver, I spent days searching the web for the driver without any result, even Thomson website doesnt include the windows 7 driver, so with some easy steps to follow I managet to get the USB DSL modem to work perfectly under windows 7 OS using just th Windows Xp driver.
(I've Tested this methode under Windows 7 32bit and windows vista 32bit) Windows 7 64bit not supported.
About the Thomson Speedtouch 330 USB :
The Thomson Speedtouch line of USB modems, produced by Alcatel/Thomson SA, is a type of basic USB ADSL modem. They are primarily shipped among various broadband providers in the United Kingdom such as Orange, Onetel, Tiscali and Tesco.

Installation Steps of Thomson Speedtouch 330 Windows 7 driver :
1-Run 'SpeedTouch330seriesR4.0.0.5.exe' and install the driver.
2-When it freeze searching the device go to the device manager.
3-Select the device, update the driver and search automatically for a driver. 
4- that's it the speedtouch 330 driver must be installed!
If the installer don't create a connection so you have to do it manually.

How to create ADSL connection manually:
  • (start -> Run and Type: rundll32.exe netshell.dll,StartNCW click OK).
  • Or go to control panel, head to "Network and Sharing Center ", setup new connection, select connect to the internet then select broadband and fill your connection params.
That's all now just enjoy surfing the web :)

DOWNLOAD page for Win 7 and win XP Thomson DRIVER 
Mirror 2

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