Thomson SpeedTouch 330 Windows 7 Driver (win7) Download - Solution

Don't spend more time searching for the windows 7 driver of your Thomson Speedtouch 330 USB ADSL modem, here you will find a working solution for this unreleased driver, I spent days searching the web for the driver without any result, even Thomson website doesnt include the windows 7 driver, so with some easy steps to follow I managet to get the USB DSL modem to work perfectly under windows 7 OS using just th Windows Xp driver.
(I've Tested this methode under Windows 7 32bit and windows vista 32bit) Windows 7 64bit not supported.
About the Thomson Speedtouch 330 USB :
The Thomson Speedtouch line of USB modems, produced by Alcatel/Thomson SA, is a type of basic USB ADSL modem. They are primarily shipped among various broadband providers in the United Kingdom such as Orange, Onetel, Tiscali and Tesco.

Installation Steps of Thomson Speedtouch 330 Windows 7 driver :
1-Run 'SpeedTouch330seriesR4.0.0.5.exe' and install the driver.
2-When it freeze searching the device go to the device manager.
3-Select the device, update the driver and search automatically for a driver. 
4- that's it the speedtouch 330 driver must be installed!
If the installer don't create a connection so you have to do it manually.

How to create ADSL connection manually:
  • (start -> Run and Type: rundll32.exe netshell.dll,StartNCW click OK).
  • Or go to control panel, head to "Network and Sharing Center ", setup new connection, select connect to the internet then select broadband and fill your connection params.
That's all now just enjoy surfing the web :)

DOWNLOAD page for Win 7 and win XP Thomson DRIVER 
Mirror 2

Thomson SpeedTouch 330 Windows 7 Driver (win7) Download - Solution Thomson SpeedTouch 330 Windows 7 Driver (win7) Download - Solution Reviewed by Mhr on 15:45 Rating: 5


  1. thansk dude for this article but it seems that the driver you provided is for windows vista not windows 7 ...
    a friend of mine tested that driver for windows 7 beta build and it does not work .. !!

    - DiGitalX, MicroSystem Team

  2. Hi friend , I use this driver form my Thomson SpeedTouch 330 with windows 7 and it work perfect just install driver and when it freez searching the device do go to device manager , update the driver and search automatically search for driver , that's it !

  3. nice and slow, :D
    thanks,,, i'm gonna tell my friend about it and see the result and post back ..

    - DiGitalX, MicroSystem Team

  4. Anonymous20:30

    This solution doesn't work at all

  5. Anonymous23:05

    it work I use it right now !

  6. hi all. i can't solve this problem. my os: win7 ultimate. I've tested all the drivers for Alcatel Speed touch but nothing works. after install the blue screen appears and every time i have to reset my comp and reinstall drivers again. please help me guys ! MY OS: WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE. If somebody can help me please write to thanks a lot

  7. Anonymous01:45

    Ok, works! But W7 will crash after this (bluescreen) and, well, I tk is THIS problem evrbody want fix.

  8. Anonymous10:19

    Are you using Win7, 64-bit version? The old SpeedTouch version is not compatible with Win7, 64-bit version.

  9. OK guys I updated the post with the correct method and the correct driver so it should work fine now just follow the steps

  10. Message for MhrLive,

    Where is the link to the correct driver and what are the steps?

    I have got the win 7 64bit ultimate, but i am scared to install it until i know a driver for the speedtouch 330 will work.

    anyone advise?



    install Steps :
    run SpeedTouch330seriesR4.0.0.5.exe and install the driver , when it freez searching the device go to the device manager , update the driver , search automatically for the driver.
    that's it ! If the installer don't create a connection so you have to do it manually.

  12. Anonymous13:01

    I have Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.
    The driver software loads on successfully, but when I connect the modem, I get the blue screen as soon as the PC within about 10 seconds, as described. This solution is clearly not suited to 64 bit versions of Windows 7

  13. Anonymous15:09

    WOW.... it runs!! .. thank you

  14. Anonymous19:48

    mavi ekran hatası alıyorum. lenet olsun.

  15. sorry it seems that this driver not for the 64 bit version

  16. Anonymous15:21

    how can i make my connection manually, i need the ISP connection in my disktop to make connection...plz help

  17. Anonymous19:32

    it works in my sony vaio 64bits...thanks to the uploader..

  18. кто-нибудь раздобыл драйвер для этого модема под windows 7-64?

  19. Does not work on Windows 7 64 bit, installation is ok, then after reebooting blue screen with modem plugged in.

  20. Anonymous16:55

    yep "not tested on 64bit system "

  21. Anonymous16:54

    I also have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
    I also have the same problem: My Thomson ST330 won't work at windows 7.
    And I think that the only solution to this problem is waiting for the release of the driver by Thomson. We have to insist with our ISP and Thomson, so they can solve this situation.
    This must be solved imediatly because Windows 7 without internet is nothing.

  22. Anonymous17:45

    I have windows 7 ultimate x64 and Thomson Speedtouch 330 usb modem.
    And after several research I found out that my modem doesn't have support for my operative system.
    The solution I have found is simple: I went to an informatic store and I have bought a new modem for just 20 euros.
    This new modem is not USB, it's ethernet, so it doesn't need drivers.
    And now I finally have internet on Windows 7

  23. Anonymous20:14

    20 euros? are you crazy? I will never spend such money! Instead I will spend my time googling & looking for a solution... that i will never find... ;)

  24. Thanks a lot! I'm going to give it a try.

  25. the blue screen :( .... i hate the blue screen ... i have 7 64bit
    i haaaaaaaaaaaate the blueeeeeeee screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen :(( :((( :(( :((

  26. I have make ethernet router from can of beans bakked and one piece of string wire. Hair making connection works fine. I can send for less than 20 Eruo - no more USB modem!

  27. Ashman (fakundo1@hot-rem0veth!s-mail.com16:59

    I have Win7 x64 and worked perfect for me :) Thanks!

  28. Anonymous11:57

    for people with blue screen:
    type msconfig, go to boot tab, chose advanced option, check maximum memory and write there 4000,
    that s all...

  29. Anonymous12:01

    for people with blue screen in windows 7 64 bit-
    those bsod are because u maybe have 4GB RAM or more: In this case the fix is here:
    Start>>>run>>type msconfig, go to boot tab, chose advanced option, check maximum memory and write there 4000,
    that s all...

  30. Anonymous00:59

    Yeah, 'cos we went and bought a 4Gb+ machine just so we could run it at sub-4Gb.

    Still, thanks all for trying. This sort of thing gets up my nose; buy the latest kit, find it's full of "compatibility issues." Time to ditch Microsoft...?

  31. I tried this driver with my Dell windows 7-64 bit machine which has 4G of RAM. I followed the on-screen instructions, & when I plugged the modem in I got a balloon saying that the driver had been successfully installed & that the modem was recognised. when I got to the final window, when I selected 'connect to the internet now' I received a message saying that the installer had stopped working. I looked in the device manager & found that the modem was not showing, which was strange because on former occassions when I connected the modem without installing the driver it would show in the device manager. Then I got blue screen. After restarting the machine I found that the driver would not uninstall. I had to get rid of it using system restore. I made several more attempts at installation reducing the RAM, but I found I had to reduce it to 2G to avoid blue screen. Despite this the modem still gave the same problems.
    I finally adopted the following solution. My old XP machine has been working with this modem for a number of years using the software provided by my ISP, so I set up a LAN using my XP machine as the gateway to the internet & connected the Windows & machine to it with an ethernet cable. This works well, the speed of opening internet pages etc. is independent of the speed of the old (rather slow) XP machine, & seems only to depend on the Windows 7 machine.

  32. Anonymous12:38

    thanx for your support ;)

  33. Anonymous19:47

    great the driver work fine :D

  34. Anonymous08:44

    Has Thomson released official drivers for Windows 7 yet? Because I'm having trouble getting the USB modem to work. And for various reasons I can't switch to a router - it's this USB modem or nothing for me. :(

  35. Thanks for the nice post,I always believe you could make it!

  36. Mido13:29

    Hey .. i think all the Comments i've seen was about win 7 64bit .. is it the same for widnows 7 32bit ?

  37. Anonymous17:42

    Thank you, The driver is installed successfully, But I couldn't create the connection using the method mentioned. Is there any other way to create the connection??

  38. Anonymous00:16

    My Windows 7 Pro recognized the modem USB but how to create the connection without using the SpeedTouch330seriesR4.0.0.5 ? Any help, please?

  39. (start -> Run and Type: rundll32.exe netshell.dll,StartNCW click OK).

  40. Anonymous15:56

    Yeah it work :D !

  41. you rock, man!!! i could make it work on w7 64 bits!! =D

  42. Anonymous17:43

    how do you make it work on w7 64bits?


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