How to remove Voice talk Samsung galaxy S2 without root, easiest way

This is a crazy App from Samsung that can launch at any time and you must wait until start to close it, personally hate this Voice Talk feature and the strange thing is that Samsung doest even want to add a small option to disable it if the user want to even on the latest ICS, it's like they say "use this app now" , any ways we don't like to wait for anyone to control what we bought with our money specially if the device is for our everyday use, so I decide to post this tutorial just for help you guys and get rid of this mad Samsung application, bellow a step by step easy and safe method.  

Update: If your Galaxy S2 or S3 is running Android 4 ICS, then just follow our new easy tutorial on how to remove Voice talk application over here, if you still using Android 2.x.x just continue on this tutorial.

First of all you must root your device so you will have all permission to modify or delete system applications, if your Samsung galaxy S2 is not rooted don't loose your time searching for a solution without rooting, you'll find nothing, so to root your Galaxy S2 smartphone you need to follow some very easy steps on our article How to root Galaxy s2.

After a successful rooting steps, now you just need to download a small application into your Samsung galaxy S2 from the Google Market, you can chose between these two apps, "AntTek App" or "Root Uninstaller", in my case I tried AntTek App and it worked fine, so search for it on the Market and download it.

Download AntTek App via QRcode :

After installing the application, open AntTek App and go to Apps tab then search for this apps "Voice commander" or "Voice Talk" tap it and chose Freeze to freeze the application or chose delete to delete the Voice talk feature forever from your device, note that with the freeze option you can restore the Voice talk feature back again.

You're now done and the Voice Talk feature is gone forever, no more head ache when you press the center button two times, this method also work for other Samsung smartphone models.

If you have any problem or comment please don't hesitate to write down.

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