Samsung NP300 E5Z drivers Windows 7 (Laptop drivers)

Samsung release a new edition of series 3 laptop to the public, and we managed to get hands on this new laptop which target low range users with a 15.3" display and dual core processors.

On this post we will bring you the latest Samsung NP300 working drivers for Windows 7, so in case you have some problems or missed driver for your Samsung NP300, here you'll find what you need.

Download links of working and tested drivers:
HWID: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0106&SUBSYS_C606144D&REV_09

HWID: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0896&SUBSYS_50058086&REV_34



For the samsung NP300E5Z-A0GAE laptop bluetooth driver users please try the drivers below:
Bluetooth driver1
Bluetooth driver2
Bluetooth driver3

If you have any other missed driver or problem, please let me know on the comment bellow and I will try my best to help you all.

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  1. I want dvd drive driver please

  2. Hello sdsd,
    If you have a problem with your DVD drive just try to disable and/or uninstall the driver from device manager and then enable and/or update the driver again, there is no driver available they use generic windows driver,
    wish that helps.

  3. haddad mohamed09:34

    i have a problem with driver bluetooth for my pc samsung np300e5z-a0cdz

  4. Please provide us the HardwareID of the bluetooth device from Windows device manager and I will give you the working driver

  5. manmohan11:35

    I have problem wireless not connect

  6. Hello manmohan, what you mean with "not connect" is the driver installed, check on the device manager, if not installed please provide the hardware ID of your wifi adapter and we will provide you with working driver.

  7. manmohan15:43

    diver all ok but not coonect i have ID number 00426-ome-8992662-00497,
    display massage coming - windows could not find drive softwaer for your device

  8. my webcam does not work so can i have the driver olz i'c tried to search for the youcam but i don't find it

  9. Hello manmohan, Thats not the HWid of your device, it must start with PCI\VEN... , check this picture how to find it :

  10. Hello Kim, if you are using Windows 7, the webcam driver is already installed, you'll have to use a software to work with your webcam, try this one:

  11. Jonathan Cruise11:08

    Virtual Sales Assistant

    I think it is a perfect time for Samsung to come up with their laptop series as it has gained a enough trust of its customers by its Android phones and and i-Pads..!!

  12. semsema19:36

    I have problem with bluetooth can't either find or be found by other devices..what to do??????

  13. Marto15:24

    where can i find this driver (pci\ven_8086&dev_0896&subsys_50058086&rev_34)

  14. Hello Marto, its an Intel centrino Wifi, try this driver and report back :

  15. eslam13:28


  16. fixed server was down, here is the download page:*&DownloadType=Software%20Applications

  17. shaggy17:19

    What's the cause of the weakness pick up a wireless network in your Samsung np3005z (so bad) why!!!!!!!!!

  18. Cant understand what you mean ! the wireless signal is weak after driver install or what ? if so try to install the latest version of driver, you can provide me with HWID and I'll bring you the latest driver.

  19. kristoffer12:07

    can you give me a wifi drivers for my samsung np300E4E-A03PH

  20. Hello Kristoffer, can you please provide me with the Hardware iD of the Wifi device in your np300E4E-A03PH

  21. LIONEL01:17

    My bluetooth doesn't work samsung NP300E5Z-A0GAE
    Audio blutooth and bluetooth remote control incompatible

  22. LIONEL08:00

    My bluetooth doesn't find devices or be found by them. I need a help please!!!

  23. Hello Lionel,

    Please try these drivers:

  24. LIONEL08:26

    Hello Maher,
    Please I use window 7 32 bits. When i finish to install, it ask for connecting device... I don't Know why!!! I need a help please!!!

  25. Hi Lionel, first thing, check if the driver is installed on device manager, if not try to search for driver, then try to activate the Bluetooth, usually with fn+F12

  26. Soram Rajesh07:02

    webcam not working after reinstalling windows? unable to find ineed driver?

  27. check the device manager, if there is any device not installed please provide us with the hardwareID.

  28. Felix20:37

    Please can any of u Help i need laptop webcam drivers Samsung NP300E5Z Please

  29. probide the HWID

  30. Felix19:14

    My webcam isnt working and when I use a program like Youcam, gives me an error command about not detecting any Vimicro USB camera (Phosphor).. can i get help? Thank You in advance

  31. Welcome Felix, I understand, but you must give me the HardwareID of the webcame device from the device manager, in addition to windows version,

  32. Felix17:11

    Thanks for the reply, and also here is my HardwareID USB\VID_0AC8&PID_3630&REV_0160&MI_00

    and its on windows 7 Professional, 64bit.
    Thank you in advance

  33. Try these drivers:

  34. Felix15:43

    Thank you Maher for the drivers.
    But I still have just a bit of a problem.
    How do i go about the installing or use of the drivers I just downloaded?
    I'm a bit of not so good with these drivers issue.
    Kindly please give me a layout on how to go about the drivers.
    Thank You very much!!!
    I appreciate every help You're giving me with these issue...

  35. Hello again Felix,
    its easy, just extract then click on the .exe file inside.

  36. Ahmed02:50

    Plz i want drive wirless for ... np300e5z-A0gae

  37. Hello,
    Please provide the Hardware ID

  38. samir10:04

    hello kim. My sound is installed but it isnt heard . Please instruct me

  39. Hello,

    Do you get Realtek High Definition Audio on the sound video and game in the device manager ?

    if yes try a headphone on the jack, it seems a hardware problem.
    if no please provide me with the hardware ID of your audio device.

  40. amar sorate11:06

    Bluetooth peripheral device driver i have

  41. Abhishek15:13

    i want a (sound, bluetooth ) driver for my samsung lap (NP300E5Z-A0MIN) for windows 8.1.. plz provide a working one... request you to provide me on my mail id-

  42. Hello Abhishek, Please provide me with the hardware ID of your sound, bluetooth device from the device manager.


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