Android market/gmail connection problem solution

Many of Android users including having problem to connect to market and gmail account, when you try to connect using wifi connection you get this message "this could be a temporary problem or your sim card may not be provisioned for data services".
Don't panic you are not alone facing this problem and this can be solved .

This strange bug in Google Android OS is because the application try to connect to the server using your operators data connection not the wifi , I dont know why they do that , may be to collect anonymous information about operators .. who knows !

The solution:
Now to slolve this problem you have to create a new access point Name , to do that on your phone go to  :
Setting - wireless control - Mobile Network settings - access point names  
create a new APN , now enter your operator setting , a full list of the International Mobile Network Code is HERE.
if you cant find all information please go to your operator web site or contact them by phone.

Save your new APN and dont forget to enable Mobile network option located in Setting - wireless control , now everything is ok to connect to your google applications , after the connection is successfull go back to the mobile network option and disable it if you want to use only the wifi connection .
I tested this on my HTC Tattoo and it work like charm.

If it you are forced to connect using Wifi for some reason please try to wipe and clear the cache in setting-Applications, or do a full reset.

Youtube method:
A new alternative solution appeared on the forums, seems working and solve the issue, the solution is to use youtube app as a bridge to connect to Google by creating and signing using youtube account:

1. Go to youtube.com and sign up for a new account, using the email address you want to add to your phone 
2. Open the YouTube application on your Adroid phone, sign out of your account if you're currently signed in (menu button -> sign out)
3. Sign in-menu button-my account, log in with your EMAIL ADDRESS (not your YouTube username) 
4. Now You're all done - you can sign out of the account in the YouTube app again if desired. Go to Settings-Accounts and you should see your account in the list. 

For those who get error when try to login to Android market like (Attention: Error has occured Please try again later), this error is mostly caused by Market application and can be fixed by uninstall and reinstall Market application in settings -> Applications .

And for Sony Ericson Experia users there is an update which update and fix for many users, get it from HERE, (check your phone model), and if all that doesnt work try to logout form Google account and clear all your phone cache, wish this help you all.

If anyone face any problem you can post a comment.
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