Thursday, April 24, 2014

Asrock Z97 motherboards series pictures spotted

The next generation of Intel's based motherboard using Intel 9x chipset is appearing on different motharboards makers, Asrock leaked the first pictures of thier Z97 series.

The pictures show three models, Asrock  Extreme 4 with three PCIe 16 V3.0 connectors and four DDR3 slots, Asrock Cloud, the Fatality Z97 Killer Featuring an E2200 low latency Ethernet technology, the Z97 OC Formula and the mini ITX Z97E-ITX which feature Wifi option and small size for HTPC design.

No more specification available on these motherboard so far, but with these motherboards you are ready to push hard any intel haswell 4th Generation processor.

Check out the Asrock Z97 series photos:

 Fatality Z97 Killer

 Z97 OC Formula


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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

GA-EX58-UD4P Gygabyte USB Driver Windows 7

If you are searching for the USB 3.0 driver of the Gygabyte GA-EX58-UD4P motherboard (powerspec G157), then you are on the right place, here at this post I want to share with you a working driver to save your day from long search.

The Gygabyte GA-EX58-UD4P come with an etron EJ198 USB 3.0 Host Controller using the Hardware ID: "PCI\VEN_1B6F&DEV_7023&SUBSYS_1B6F7023&REV_01", so to get the USB working under Windows 7 just follow the steps.

  • Download the official driver from HERE.
  • Extract it then install from the exe file.
  • Now reboot your PC.

This driver work also on similar Gygabyte motherboards with same chip reference.

That's it, very simple, if you still have problem let me know on the comment bellow.

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hp pavilion 15 Windows 7 USB 3.0 Driver Solution

It's been 3 days hard-searching for a compatible USB 3.0 driver for my HP pavilion 15 laptop, hp did not provide an official driver for the HP 15 Sleekbook series only Windows 8 drivers are available on the support page, it seems that hp starting a nasty way pushing  users to install Microsoft's Windows 8 OS.

So here is a working Intel's USB 3.0 driver which work very fine, tested on 
Windows 7 64bit on my hp pavilion 15-d001sk, the hardware ID for the USB chip is "PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0F35&SUBSYS_2190103C&REV_0A".

Important Note: Please note that this driver's inf is from Intel and it's not official by HP until now, so use this as a temporary solution also use it at your own risk.

  • Download the driver zip file from HERE.
  • Extract it to your desktop.
  • Now go to device manager and update the unknown USB device to search for a driver from the extracted folder.
  • Now a new unknown device will appear, do the same thing for it.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

10Gbps speed Wifi technology is coming, Higher range though

Bandwidth of the computing devices are increasing very fast specially after the leak of 4K resolution, and so we need a higher tunnel to move these huge data, this is what Quantenna managed to achieve, a 10Gbps speed Wifi connection.

The new Technology will double the current generation (5G) twice, this come out from Stanford Professor of Electrical Engineering Andrea Goldsmith reporting :

Quantenna's 8x8 architecture with adaptive beamforming demonstrates that the 'massive MIMO' promise of significantly higher throughput, robustness, and reduced interference can be realized in practice. This architecture will also significantly enhance the capabilities of MU-MIMO, allowing it to support interference-free transmission to many more devices simultaneously. These technology advances will transform the landscape of applications and devices that Wi-Fi can support. As we move into an era of exponentially-growing video usage and the Internet of Things, the 8x8 architecture and MU-MIMO technologies will become essential in all high-performance Wi-Fi devices".

The new architecture will also allow a higher Wifi range than the current technology with use 4x4 arch. 

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Grid 3 PC, Xbox One and PS4 first Teaser

One of the most popular racing game series is about to release a new episode, Grid 3 from Codemasters expected to be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4 this year, here is the first Teaser video about this game showing just red lines with GT cars sound

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

R9 390X, R9 380X and R9 370X specifications detailed

WCCFTech report interesting news for AMD's high end enthusiasts, the guy report that AMD will soon release the successor of RX-200 series putting on the line three performance products, the R9 390X, R9 380X and R9 370X graphic cards.

The new generation will use TSMC 20nm process technology down by 8nm from the previous generation GCN, expected to be available on November 2014, the flagship R9-390X will be code-named “Bermoda" and will pack 4224 Stream Processors, core clocked at 1Ghz, memory clocked at 7Ghz and the bus width is as big as 512bit.
courtesy of WCCFTech
until that date these thing might slightly change and Nvidia response will leak soon.

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5 Minutes call required to unlock the Galaxy S5 SIM

Along with the Galaxy S5 smartphone launch, Samsung initialize a new technique to lock the flagship Galaxy S5 by Region locking.

A stamp noticed on the Samsung Galaxy S5 box warn that "This product should be activated with a SIM card issued from a mobile operator within Europe. (as defined EU/EEA, Switzerland and the following Non-EEA countries Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M), Monaco, Montenegro, San Marino, Serbia and Vatican City.)"

That mean only these country's based SIM card can activate the network on the phone, to unlock the network on the Galaxy S5 you must make call at least 5 minutes long using an European SIM card then you can use any SIM card world wide.

Samsung want to target markets by location and stop improper import behavior out side the targeted location.

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