How to BIOS reset ASUS EEE PC netbook and remove BIOS password

If your BIOS is locked and you forget the BIOS password of your ASUS Eee PC netbook, than you are in trouble when you will try to install a new OS to your ASUS EEE PC netbook cause you cant select any other boot device than the integrated SSD, to restore the factory default BIOS values and remove the BIOS password you must do a hard reset to the BIOS.

The BIOS reset of the ASUS Eee PC netbook is not as easy as on desktop PC, there is no visible jumper or battery to remove, you must remove the connector of the BIOS battery from the motherboard, so to do that you have to open the netbook case to get into it, Ive made a step by step process with image demonstration of how you can clear the BIOS setting.

First of all you need to open all screw in the back of the netbook:

Now you must remove the keyboard by pressing the plastic keyboard protector showed on the pictures (there is three on the top):

Now remove mouse and keyboard flex cable, then the screws you find under the keyboard:

Remove gently the plastic cover:

Now here is the part to rest the BIOS, on the bottom right of the motherboard you will find a two cable connectors which connect the CMOS with the battery, remove this cable gently and wait about one minute and there you go:

You can now reconnect the cable and your done.

Now your BIOS is cleared and any BIOS password is deleted, if you have any question please comment.
How to BIOS reset ASUS EEE PC netbook and remove BIOS password How to BIOS reset ASUS EEE PC netbook and remove BIOS password Reviewed by Mhr on 00:24 Rating: 5


  1. Anonymous10:04

    how about asus L2000E/L2E

  2. Anonymous12:48

    Ey, first of all thank you, I was looking for this solution for hours. Anyway I did everything you said but the asus still doesnt work. Once I reconnect the BIOS battery I plug it in and without me touching the on/off button it starts but it just show the black screen.

    Any other idea?


  3. Thanks, that's a bad sign of a hardware problem, may be its the motherboard or the RAM, try to remove the RAM and what happen..

  4. Anonymous20:25

    "just show the black screen" ? you're screwed. Sounds like the video over heated. yup yup, some of these Asus EEE PC's had some serious over heating issues, looks like you picked a winner!! Get a new MoBo off of Ebay and be happy. ORRRR you could try the ever-so controversial "Oven Trick" I used the forbidden "Oven Trick Method" to reflow the solder on Many of my "dead" Nvidia cards. what ?? you've never heard of the "Oven Trick" mwaahhahahh Type "Oven Trick Nvidia" into Youtube and Behold Your SOLUTION !!!

  5. Anonymous22:43

    Thanks, the Oven Trick is crazy but it work !!! loool

  6. Anonymous19:13

    what if you do all that d it still asks for bios?

  7. for the sake of logic, thats not possible..

  8. Anonymous06:19

    !!!!Thanks you!!!!

  9. Renaud12:32


    Thanks for all these explanations. I succeed in disassembling my new Asus Eee PC1015BX netbook. (How to disassemble Asus Eee PC 1015PX netbook )

    I remove the two cable connectors which connect the CMOS with the battery and wait for several minutes. Then I reboot and I still have the Bios password screen. Is there a default password ?

    Thanks very much in advance for your help.

  10. Berlari Dengan Angin13:18 memory module
    2.release/remove ram
    3.short jumper that called sclrtc1 behind ram


  11. Thanks for the addition, here is a picture about that jumper

  12. There is no removable RAM onto the 1015bx motherborad...

  13. how to remove password bios

  14. asus eee pc 1215b bios.password remove


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