Acer Aspire 5742G Nvidia GT 520M/GT 540M graphics driver problem fixed for Windows 7 updated

Solution for the Acer aspire 5742G Nvidia GT 520M driver problem

If you have an Acer aspire 5742G laptop with a Nvidia Geforce GT 520M than you will have troble installing the Nvidia garphics driver, the problem is that there is no driver currently for this version of GT 520M GPUs chipset reference with different DevID "PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0DF7&SUBSYS_04881025", I've tried all Nvidia drivers from Acer support website and Nvidia download section page and all of them are not compatible with the Nvidia graphics chipset on this laptop, strange heh?

The reason for that is that the Nvidia graphic device that come with the Acer aspire laptop has a different device ID from current available chipsets, may be it will be fixed on the next Nvidia driver version.

For now I've managed to modifies the current driver for Windows 7 and update it to support the current Nvidia chipset on the Acer aspire laptop, so all you have to do is just download our driver and install it and it will work.
Update 29/09/2013:
Hello again Im back to this old article tutorial for good updates, here are some new drivers from Acer and Nvidia with new GPUs update including the Geforce GT 540M, try'em first:

For Windows 7/8 32bit:
For Windows 7/8 64bit:

Modified driver:
Download our modified Nvidia GT 520M driver now.

Note: After installing our modified driver, just install the Intel integrated graphics driver  which is located HERE or here.
note: this driver work only with Nvidia GT 520M with DevID:"PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0DF7&SUBSYS_04881025"

"SUBSYS_05051025" Users:
For those who have an Nvidia GT 520M with the folowing device ID "PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0DF7&SUBSYS_05051025&REV_A1" just download this inf file and paste it to the Display.Driver folder on 32 and 64bit driver.

Here is an alternative solution to try from Nvidia forum for those who face some problem, just :
  • Download this inf file over HERE .
  • Then download latest GT 520M driver from Nvidia download page.
  • Extract the Nvidia driver using winrar.
  • note: if the Nvidia driver inf file include "CatalogFile = xxx.CAT", copy that line to the inf file instead of the "CatalogFile = NVAC.CAT" line.
  • And finally copy the .inf files from the zip file into the "Display.Driver" folder in both 32 and 64bit drivers and replace the old one.
  • Run the installer.

Configuring GPU priority:
If games use Intel GPU instead of Nvidia, then you must force hem to use of the GT 520M in the Nvidia control panel:
  • Go to Nvidia control panel using right click on the desktop.
  • Click on "Manage 3D settings", Program setting and select the game .exe file. 
  • Select "High speed nvidia processor" for every game you want to force it to Nvidia GPU or on global settings tab (check the snapshot below).
Please comment if you have any problem.
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