3DMark 2013 for Windows benchmark result snapshots leaks

The new 3DMark is soon to be released for public users, we've just received snapshots of what will the software benchmark result looks like, in addition to the support of latest hardware/software technologies and the new cross-platform support, the new version will come with more detailed benchmark results with a real-time chard including FPS, CPU and GPU temperature, in addition to CPU power and clock for more analyzed and accurate benchmark result, 3DMark 2013 will be available for public exactly starting from n Monday February 4, 2013 at 18:00 UTC.

3DMark uses a combination of in-app features and online web services to help users better understand their hardware. In these screenshots from the Windows version you can see the new performance graphs that accompany each test score.  For components that support it, 3DMark records FPS, GPU and CPU temperatures as well as CPU power and clock speed during the benchmark run.

The graphs are interactive too. You can zoom in, change the scale and pan the chart to focus on a specific part of the benchmark run. You can click on the lines to get the numbers for that point in time, a useful way for overclockers to check peak temperatures during the benchmark run, for example.
Lets check the snapshots (click the pictures to zoom):
3DMark benchmark result

3DMark benchmark result

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