Unable to connect to NVIDIA GeForce experience Error Fix

Such annoying error is available in most systems with Geforce graphycs, the "unable to connect to nvidia" server when trying to download the latest driver from the GeForce experience tool, it's very strange that Nvidia doesn't put a fix for this simple to fix error.

So you'll have to do it by your self by just following the bellow steps then you'll be able to download drivers using GeForce experience.

The problem is on an XML file which seems to connect to the Nvidia download server so it must be initialized again.

Error fix Steps:

  • First go to the C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\NetService\ and delete the NSManagedTasks.xml file which cause the error.
  • Now go to task manager and search for NVNetworkService.exe process and kill it, if you cant find it tick the "Show processes from all users".
  • No we must start again the process from service, press "win+R" on your keyboard then past this "services.msc" and hit enter.
  • A new window appear, search for "NVIDIA Network Service" and start it with right click-start.

  • Now if the GeForce experience tool is running, close it and run it again.
That's it, now the download must start normally with no error.

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  1. tetoo19:46

    Thanks ! helpful

  2. Concord U Bine15:52

    Worked perfectly. Thanks.

  3. you are welcome !

  4. Jesper Timmerman11:26

    Like a charm. Thanks mate.


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