App of the year! Access any Wifi Router Admin page easy/Tutorial

On this new Android Tutorial I want to guide you through this cool and fast App that help users to fast and easily access their Routers admin page, for home or professional uses, and that we chose it as Android Networking App of the year !

In my case I access alot Routers admin pages in my work, and I deal with many routers type that require different logins and passwords, here come the issue that this Android App can solve, image you have three routers, each one with different Login parameters and different Router address, you need each time to tape the right parameters to access the specified Router.

The solution is an app called "Any Router AutoLogin Admin 192.168" available for free in Google play Store, yes it's free and have more than 4.4stars rating, personally I use it everyday and help me alot in my networking work.

Any router app main page

Here is a small description and features of the app:
This app simply help any user that is connected to his router's Wifi to access the Admin setting page fast and easy and change any router setting like Wifi settings, DNS address, IP routing, DSL parameters, and more, also this App feature a Router's Username/Password autologin option, this mean you don't need to tape the Router's Username/Password everytime you open your router's admin page, the App will dot it for you automatically by supporting up to 5 Routers presets.
The Great golden feature about this App is that it can save five login/passwords and login to them automatically, it can detect the connected wifi and scan the router to auto-login to the correct Router setup page.

Also the app include usefull information about the Wifi, network and has a strong Wifi password generator.

Get it on Google Play

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App of the year! Access any Wifi Router Admin page easy/Tutorial App of the year! Access any Wifi Router Admin page easy/Tutorial Reviewed by Unknown on 11:11 Rating: 5

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