Fix you Android GPS and optimize it

In this new tutorial we'll guide you to some easy steps to fix and optimize your Android device's GPS in case you have some problems.

So if you have issue like Geo-location is slow to locate your position or your GPS is stuck these steps might help you out.

GPS Fixing:

  • Make sure you update your device to the latest official ROM.
  • Activate booth Wifi/Data and GPS from the settings.
  • Remove any spoof GPS application from Apps manager.
  • Try not to use the GPS device in an underground building.
  • Hard reset the device and wipe all data as last step.
  • Use the bellow App to help you optimize the GPS Server and recalibrate the compass direction:
  • Fix GPS Android App from mobile direction.

Finally allow any GPS access and make sure to reboot the device.
Ask in comments any question.

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