Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NVIDIA GT320,GT330 and GT340 Specifications

A new specifications out from behardware.com about the GT 320, GT 330 and GT 340 :
NVIDIA is launching three new GeForces, the GT 320, 330 and 340. Exclusively for OEMs, these models are versions of the GeForce GT240. The GT 320 is a cut down version with only 72 stream processors of the 96 GPU stream processors activated and has 790 MHz DDR3.
The GT 330 has 96 SPs and DDR3 at 800 MHz, like some DDR3 GT 240s, while the GT 340 is coupled with 1700MHz GDDR5, like the GDDR5 GT 240. Note however that the GT330 can also be based on a G92 and is then derived from the GeForce 8/9s: it then has a 500 MHz GPU, 112 SPs at 1250 MHz and the memory can be either 256-bit or 192-bit 500 MHz DDR2."



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