Galaxy S2 i9100 Vs i9100G what is the Difference ?

This is a comment question these days, what is the difference between the Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 and Galaxy S2 i9100G, and what this 'G' mean, is the i9100G run faster than the i9100 and is there any hardware difference ?

Lets begin with a clear hardware specification comparison between the two versions:

Samsung galaxy s2 I9100
CPU: 1.2Ghz dual core  Cortex-A9
Chipset: Exynox 4210.
GPU Mali-400MP
Fully run at 1.2 GHz CPU.
Data connection Speed: HSPA+, 21/5.7 Mbps.

Samsung galaxy s2 I9100G
CPU: 1.2Ghz dual core Cortex-A9
Chipset: TI OMAP4430.
GPU PowerVR SGX540
CPU capped at 1008 MHz.
Data connection Speed:
HSPA+, D21/U5.7 Mbps.

As you can see the only differences between the two versions are the chipset and the GPU, VR GPU which nowadays common platform are support by many gameloft games Many previous user complain that non G version got game issue also note that Samsung Galaxy Nexus used OMAP4460 which is available on the i9100G instead of its own Exynos for better games and graphics compatibility and power consumption, for the non games and graphics uses.

The S2 i9100 seems to have the lead using the full potential of the dual core processor and spend times on higher frequency states that lead of course to a lower battery life, while the S2 i9100G is more power saver, try to use less Mhz that it can and seems to use 1008Mhz instead of the 1200Mhz as a max frequency, that lead to a longer battery life and also some lags specially when switching from deep sleep or idle into active state, that what we've found on our i9100G version also was reported by users, if you want to use all the power of your i9100G you must root your i9100G and install CPU Master free from the market and set the profile to performance and Max frequency to 1200Mhz.

  • Overheat easily, poor battery life on Android 2.3.3. Android 2.3.5 fixed it.
  • Fully use 1.2 GHz CPU.
  • Anti-Aliasing (4xAA and 16xAA) support with Chainfire3D Pro.
  • Lot of custom firmware, kernel, modification, tweaks…
  • Doesn’t overheat easily, better battery life.
  • CPU seems to be capped at 1008 MHz.
  • Fonts in PAPAGO! very small. Android 2.3.6 fixed it.
  • Not much custom firmware / modification.

Benchmark tests results

AnTuTu Benchmark test: 

Galaxy s2 i9100G benchmark results :
Galaxy s2 i9100G benchmark
Galaxy s2 i9100 benchmark :
Galaxy s2 i9100 benchmark courtesy careace

Quadrant Benchmark test: 

Galaxy s2 i9100G benchmark results :
Galaxy s2 i9100G

Galaxy s2 i9100 benchmark :
Galaxy s2 i9100 benchmark courtesy

Note: using the latest Android version could increase the score results.

 CPU Mark benchmark test:

State time comparison:
Its clear that the Galaxy S2 i9100G spend more time on deep sleep idle state than the S2 i9100, leading to a slight longer battery lifetime.

Update: check out our new Galaxy S2 comparison article on the latest Android 4 over HERE.
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  1. Hsdpa speed on I9100G is 21mbps and hsupa-5.76mbps.Correct it..
    see the official specs for I9100G on samsung malaysia website.

  2. Anonymous19:46

    the one over gsmarena is 7.2mbps ...

  3. Anonymous09:05

    hi !!! i have i9100g and it has 5495 scores on antutu and cpu frequency is 1008mhz and i think after overclocking to 1200mhz , it will pass your given i9100 scores surely .

  4. Anonymous09:35

    I have i9100g running at 1008mhz and it has antutu scores 5675 and 3267 in quadrant.
    I think scores will be more after overclocking than i9100.

  5. yeah that depend on the phone OS, I think with ICS that score will increase, we will put the result ASAP..


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