ASRock Intel P67 motherboard Specifications

The ASRock P67 Extreme 3 features three PCI-E 2.0 slots, with the top slot providing x16 bandwidth, the middle slot providing x8 bandwidth, and the bottom slot providing x4 bandwidth. By utilizing all three available slots, the board will be able to support Nvidia Tri-SLI and ATI Tri-CrossFireX (as well as Quad-SLI and Quad-CrossFireX with two dual-GPU solutions), although bandwidth may be severely limited for more high-performance enthusiast GPUs on the market.

As far as memory is concerned, the board features four slots with support for DDR3 2600MHz+ speeds in dual-channel mode. In other words, Sandy Bridge motherboard designs like the P67 Extreme 3 should significantly raise the bar for achievable overclocking limits of what is capable on a mainstream platform.

The board also features a 12 + 2 “advanced” power phase design, sporting ASRock DuraCap high-quality conductive polymer capacitors that offer 2.5x longer lifetime than conventional capacitors. It has also been noted that the upcoming P67 second-generation PCH requires no more cooling than the current P55 chipset, and bit-tech believes the “7” in P67 denotes support for native SATA 6Gbps and RAID.

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