EVGA OC Scanner v1.3.1 Graphic card tool

EVGA proves why it is #1 by providing the tools that enthusiasts demand. With the EVGA OC Scanner you can now take your graphics card to the limit! With built-in artifact scanning, benchmark functionality, log functionality and more, the EVGA OC Scanner combined with EVGA Precision make the perfect combo for any enthusiast.


  • Built-in stress tester to find and report artifacts
  • Benchmark function to quickly test your performance
  • GPU vitals show clock speeds and temperatures
  • GPU protection feature allows automatic shutoff at a set temperature
  • Customizable screen resolutions
  • Built-in log functionality
  • SLI support

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 (Any Versions)
  • Registered EVGA Graphics Card
EVGA OC Scanner v1.3.1 - Released 7/20/2010
  • Small change in graphics card detection

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