Passive cooling Radeon HD5770 by GIGABYTE

GIGABYTE Unveils on its facebook page the Market’s Only Passive Radeon HD5770 GV-R577SL-1GD Graphics Card.

GIGABYTE’s GV-R577SL-1GD is built on the highly anticipated ATI RadeonTM HD 5770 Series GPU ­­­­­­­─which utilizes the latest 826 million transistors on 40nm fabrication process and GDDR5 memory. GIGABYTE GV-R577SL-1GD is equipped with Microsoft DirectX® 11, ATI Eyefinity Technology, ATI Stream technology, ATI CrossFireX™
The GIGABYTE GV-R577SL-1GD features GIGABYTE’s own Ultra Durable VGA Technology, which can provide outstanding overclocking capability, lower GPU temperature, and excellent power efficiency. GIGABYTE’s unique technology Ultra Durable VGA features 2 oz copper PCB board, Samsung and Hynix memory, Japanese solid capacitor, Ferrite /Metal Core Chokes, and Low RDS (on) MOSFET. Compared with traditional graphics accelerators, Ultra Durable VGA graphics accelerators can lower GPU temperature by 5%~10%, decrease power switching loss by 10%~30%, and increase overclocking capability by 10%~30%. GIGABYTE Ultra Durable VGA graphics accelerator GV-R577SL-1GD can provide truly “high-performance” and “green” graphic card solutions.

GV-R577SL-1GD Specifications and features:
SeriesRadeon HD 5000 series
ChipsetRadeon HD 5770
Key FeaturesSilent Cell
Core Clock850 MHz
Memory Clock4800 MHz
Memory TypeGDDR5

GIGABYTE Passive cooling Radeon HD5770 Picture:
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