Thermaltake Jing Silent CPU Cooler specifications

Thermaltake intro's the Thermaltake Jing air-cooler for CPUs specifically developed for silent operation .
Its name is derived from the Chinese, representing “Silence” and carrying with it the concepts of comfort, excellence and exquisiteness. The universal socket support makes it compatible to all computer processors currently available on the market. With a maximum cooling capacity of up to 200W and an almost un-audible noise level of 16 dBA at a fan speed of 800 RPM, the Jing CPU cooler is the ideal solution for noise sensitive users expecting uncompromising performance.
Unlike traditional up-side-down air flow designs, the Jing utilizes a tower side-flow design to optimize cooling performance. To attain maximum cooling performance, Thermaltake’s Jing adopts 5 Ö6mm high-efficiency heat-pipes conducting heat from the Nickel coated mirror base directly into the cooling tower which is made of 41 0.5 mm thick specially designed aluminum fins to increase the overall thermal dissipation area. The two preinstalled extra silent 120 mm VR fans can be manually adjusted between 800RPM and 1300RPM according to differing user needs. Through their inhale-exhaust reverse fan design a greater airflow is achieved resulting in enhanced thermal performance.
By utilizing a particularly thin fan enclosure frame which is open to all four sides, noise generated by the airflow is reduced as much as any possible. Additionally a recess in the cooling fins at the entry and exit points of the airflow creates something similar to an air-cushion, giving the air an optimized angel to stream into between the cooling fins while at the same time reducing noise development even further. All of these measures make the Jing CPU cooler Silent by Design.

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