Samsung SB971 series 9 PC monitor specifications plus review

Samsung one of the best PC monitor builder, is proud to announce a new high-end LED monitor product, it's the Samsung series 9 SB971 WQHD monitor, a 27inch capable of WQHD resolution up to 2560 x 1440.

The Samsung SB971 series provide a view angle 178° / 178°, 5ms response time, 1000:1 static contrast ratio, and an enhanced picture quality, the monitor will be available on Fall 2013 for 1,200$ MSRP.

Specifications table:

Some words: "Graphic professionals, photo enthusiasts and other groups that meticulously edit visual content require a monitor with extremely accurate color rendering, immersive viewing angles and premium picture quality, and the SB971 meets these demands," said Mike Abary, senior vice president of consumer IT product marketing at Samsung Electronics America. "This new Series 9 product will join the recently introduced SC770 touch monitor and SC750 rotating monitor to round out Samsung's innovative line-up, offering every kind of user an ideal monitor for whatever their needs may be."
SB971 Pictures:

A review is done for the SAMSUNG SERIES 9 S27B971D by digitaltrends guys, presenting a deep preview and test of the SB971 series features, bellow a snap of the pos and negs of the monitors.


  • Numerous on-screen display controls
  • Very accurate color and gamma
  • Bright display with matte finish
  • Excellent calibration from the factory
  • Very broad viewing angle


  • Stand does not swivel or rotate
  • Middling black levels
  • Extremely expensive
you can check the full review over here.

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