Xbox One SoC specifications leaked at Stanford University

Microsoft revealed yesterday at Stanford University more details about the main SoC (System on Chip) of the next gaming console Xbox One, the chip is built using 28nm HPM process by TSMC with up to 5 billion transistors in a 363mm².

The new details about the chip is that it contain a 47MB of onchip memory that can be used as a extended cache after the 2MB of L2, so the order of data processing on the Xbox one by speed is :

  1. The L1 32KB instruction and data cache for every Core.
  2. L2, 2MB shared for the eight cores.
  3. The 47MB of on-chip memory.
  4. Then the 8GB of DDR3 RAM.
  5. And finally the 500GB of HDD.
No details about the power consumption of the SoC.

Microsoft didn’t disclose how much power that chip will consume. However, the chip will be power gated down to 2.5 percent of its power, said John Sell, a hardware architect at Microsoft who gave the Xbox One silicon presentation at Hot Chips. It will be manufactured in 28-nm process technology by TSMC, Microsoft’s foundry partner. 

The system CPU is based on the AMD Jaguar processor architecture; the system uses eight cores with 32 KB of instruction and data cache, with four of the cores connected to a shared 2 MB shared level-2 cache.
Main SoC features:

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