MSI AG2712A AIO with i7 3630QM and Radeon HD 8970M specifications

MSI introduced on a press release a gaming All-in-One Windows 8 ready computer featuring latest technologies available, the MSI AG2712A powered with an Intel Core i7 3630QM processor and an AMD Radeon HD 8970M 2GB GDDR5 Mobile chip or a Nvidia GTX 670MX .
The screen size is 27" LCD supporting Full-HD resolution and multitouch layer with 10-point touch, this AIO computer is equipped with 1TB of HDD or two 128GB of SSD storage 802.11b/g/n WiFi is available, HDMI connection, Webcam at 2 MP and more, check out the PR for details.

The AG2712A comes with a brand new designed bezel, emphasized by its red lines which correspond with the colors of MSI's Gaming product lines. Furthermore, the AG2712A is equipped with Military Class 4 components and a Flicker-free anti-glare display. In cooperation with Plextor, MSI developed and integrated two SSD drives optimized for the AG2712A, which work in RAID 0 configuration. The AG2712A will become generally available in Europe by end of August of this year.

High-End AMD Radeon HD 8970 graphics
MSI firstly incorporated the new AMD Radeon™ HD 8970M discrete graphics card into the AG2712A which supports DirectX 11.1--the latest 3D API, to squeeze every bit of fun out of games and vibrate gamers with massive visual enjoyment. AMD Radeon™ HD 8970M also supports Boost automatic acceleration as well as speeds the frequency up to 1200MHz (equivalent to 4X 4800MHz) with 2GB of GDDR5 memory, so even high resolution at the highest settings are no problem.

Flicker-Free technology
In its quest to offer an ever-better visual experience for serious gamers, MSI is leading the way, incorporating the “Flicker-Free” technology into the new All-in-One PC's Anti-Glare display. What's more, both its touch-screen and non touch-screen models support the technology, so it protects your eyes from screen glare and flickering. Incorporated in the AG2712A, the Flicker-Free technology stabilizes electrical currents and stops most flickering, which is generally invisible, regardless of computer settings, to protect eyes and prevent tiring caused by viewing screens for long periods of time. In addition, the AG2712A supports Blue Light Control technology, also developed by MSI, for effectively reducing blue light emitted from your screen to protect your eyes. 
Flicker comparison 

Military Class IV Components
MSI approaches product development using a three-pronged approach, focusing on enhancing performance, quality, and stability. MSI has worked tirelessly to integrate Military Class 4 materials and components, including high-quality SFC, Hi-c CAP, and Dark CAP, into the AG2712A. The AG2712A has passed MIL-STND-810G (military standard) laboratory testing to ensure that materials and components offer the best possible performance and remain stable under the rigors of long-term use.

Ultrafast Super RAID technology
MSI is the first to incorporate high-speed Super Raid technology into All-in-One products. In cooperation with Plextor, it developed two SSD drives optimized for the AG2712A. The reading speed of the Raid 0 drives approach 1000MB/s. The AG2712A also supports Plextor True Speed technology which resolves common SSD issues, including bogging down caused by long-term use or nearly filled storage space, allowing extreme gamers to enjoy the exhilarating speeds of gaming with SSDs.

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MSI AG2712A AIO with i7 3630QM and Radeon HD 8970M specifications MSI AG2712A AIO with i7 3630QM and Radeon HD 8970M specifications Reviewed by Mhr on 23:41 Rating: 5

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