Maxwell GM108, GM106 GM100 and GM104 specifications

A snapshot spotted showing specifications of the Nvidia's Kepler successor graphics card, supposed to be an engineering sample of mobile version of Geforce 800 series GM 'GeForce Maxwell', these must be are the entry level of next generation to replace the previouse GK 10x, source seems to be the Wccftech, also take this forum post details with grain of salt until the official leaks.

The snapshot show four Maxwell GPUs, the GM100, GM104, GM106 and the GM108, with up to 6144Cuda cores and 8GB of GDDR5 memory using a 512bit wide bus that's for 8GPCs so 768 Cuda cores for each one, no TDP or performance detailled until now.

the Maxwell architecture is supposed to release somewhere 1H next year, Maxwell GPUs are the first Nvidia GPUs that integrate an AMR CPU for specifics operation while leaving complex tasks for GPU.

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Maxwell GM108, GM106 GM100 and GM104 specifications Maxwell GM108, GM106 GM100 and GM104 specifications Reviewed by Mhr on 12:01 Rating: 5

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  1. Unnamed09:41

    Really? A snapshot? You call a two week old post in a forum a reliable source? What is more, the post cites a pastebin source! The specs for GM104 and GM108 do not make much sense. GM108 is a low end chip that replaces GK108. WCCTech states that its engineering sample has 576 cores and a 64 bit memory bus.


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