How to Install Windows 7 on ASUS X200M netbook (Tested!)

Welcome guys to this new tutorial, today I'll guide you on how to install Windows 7 into the ASUS X200M notebook, it's a 11.6" notebook that came with only Windows 8 support forcing users to use only uses the latest Microsoft's OS, and that's not good from idea from a big company like ASUS, fortunately they released an update for that.

So to install Windows 7 on the ASUS X200M, you need:
  • A Flash disk.
  • Check and recheck your full ASUS notebook reference, the BIOS update file on this post is just for the ASUS X200M series.
  • Download the latest BIOS Update file for your ASUS X200M from this Official page.
  • Charge your ASUS notebook more than 20%, and keep it plugged.

So to get rig of the BIOS UEFI system which only support Windows 8.X, we must update the BIOS to the latest, lets start flashing:
Note: "BIOS updating is very simple and very dangerous, so don't do this if don't know what you are doing!"
  • Plug your flash disk into a working computer and format it into FAT or FAT32.
  • Now extract the downloaded BIOS update, you must find a file like "X200MAAS.501", copy that file into the flash disk.
  • Now shut down your ASUS laptop then plug the flash disk into a black USB 2.0 port, then boot into BIOS using F2 button.
  • Go to "Advanced" tab and select "Start Easy Flash".
  • Now a new window will open, select the X200MAAS.501 from your flash disk and hit enter (check picture).
  • Now wait for a minute or two and DON'T SHUTDOWN THE LAPTOP!
  • When finish, the notebook will shutdown, power it and enter the BIOS with F2 then go to "Advanced".
  • You'll notice a new option named "OS selection", select Windows 7 instead of Windows 8.X.

That's it now you can boot into Windows 7 using USB disk or external DVD drive then install it with no problems, if don't know how to make a Windows 7 USB flash disk, check our Tutorial.
Also, we're here to help if you have any problems.

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How to Install Windows 7 on ASUS X200M netbook (Tested!) How to Install Windows 7 on ASUS X200M netbook (Tested!) Reviewed by Mhr on 16:37 Rating: 5


  1. Arif15:52

    Thank you, really helpfull

  2. anto16:00

    my X200M's BIOS still 306 Version..
    when I try to flash it..
    after i choose Easy Flash Utility

    there didn't show Asus Tech Easy Flash Utility..

  3. Siam Phaipi09:18

    What if update with 504? Thnx for the tips, i could install Win7 with this technique

  4. champ man17:01

    thank you, nice info.. it works!!

  5. where can I find it's updates?


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