Bluetooth V4.0 Specifications & details out

The transfer rate offered by Bluetooth 4.0 will be around 1Mbps, and it will transmit data at 2.4Ghz frequency, also the new standard is more environment friendly than the precedent version with a lower power consumption and full AES-128 encryption using CCM for more secured data transfer with single mode chip and dual mode chip can be integrated into an old bluetooth controller.
Michael Foley, Ph.D., executive director of Bluetooth SIG said “With today’s announcement the race is on for product designers to be the first to market. Bluetooth low energy modules for all sorts of new products may now be qualified – this is an important step towards our goal of enabling new markets with Bluetooth wireless technology. For example, the Continua Health Alliance has already selected Bluetooth low energy technology as a transport for the next version of its guidelines.”
Bluetooth 4.0 will see the implementation of bluetooth technology in many fields which we have not even imagined until now like Medical, Healthcare, Sports and Fitness etc. 
“Today’s news from the Bluetooth SIG is an exciting step forward for technology in mobile health and wellness devices,” said Rick Cnossen, president and board chair, Continua Health Alliance. “Our selection ofBluetooth low energy for the Continua Version Two Design Guidelines extends exciting new capabilities to manufacturers and consumers alike, as well as enabling additional use cases within the Continua ecosystem.”

Currently the only smartphone that support Bluetooth 4.0 standard is the Apple Iphone 4S and many other devices that already use the Bluetooth 4.0 and more devices to come for different domains so we think this new standard will more and more spread into our markets.

The new technology may be used on different case such as wireless payment system and new active 3D glasses that require high data bandwidth line, also this will help for medical hardware such as heart rate straps (check out the World's first production-ready Bluetooth low energy heart-rate belt), and blood glucose monitors, and many low power devices and high performance hungry devices.
World's first production-ready Bluetooth low energy heart-rate belt
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