Intel 6 (P67/H67) series chipset to support USB 3.0

Intel may surprise everybody by confirming that the next Intel 6 series sandy bridge chipset known as the Intel P67 and Intel H67 will support native USB 3.0 as reported on fudzilla , if this really happen it would be a great news .

"However, just like Intel didn’t talk about wireless display before the launch, it wanted to keep USB 3.0 support as a last minute surprise. At this time we can confirm that notebooks based on Intel 6 series chipset will have native support for USB 3.0.
We’ve even saw the blue USB slot, something that is common for USB 3.0 capable USB ports. We have asked around and it turns out that USB 3.0 native support is there, but Intel didn’t want to talk about it, as apparently the USB 3.0 spec is still not 100 percent closed and Intel is a bit careful. Basically the company didn’t want to announce support before it was a 100 percent sure".
Intel 6 (P67/H67) series chipset to support USB 3.0 Intel 6 (P67/H67) series chipset to support USB 3.0 Reviewed by Maherr Live on Thursday, September 30, 2010 Rating: 5