Radeon HD 6770 Picture leaked

techpowerup reported some informations and card pictures of the next Radeon HD 6770 from ATI, oops sorry from AMD ...

"While the specifications of the GPU are not known, what we can tell from the pictures is that the card is powered by two 6-pin power connectors, uses 4+1 phase digital PWM circuitry, and looks to have a 256-bit wide memory interface for a near 80~100% increase in memory bandwidth compared to the previous generation. Display outputs include two DVI, one HDMI, and two mini-DisplayPort. There is one CrossFire connector for 2-way CrossFire support. AMD will kickstart its next-generation Radeon graphics series launches later this year. Don't mind the puny looking GPU-cooler, AMD uses it on prototypes. The actual cooler's outline is drawn on the PCB."

Radeon HD 6770 Pictures:
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