Crysis 2 ingame graphics PC and PS3

Crytek gift us for the new year new ingame snapshots of the upcoming FPS game Crysis 2 , the pictures appeared on the net are ingames show for both PC and PS3 ,and here I can make a first graphic comparison between PC and Playstation 3 that the PC graphics seem to be much detailed Vs Playstation 3 ,and this last seems to be using 720p resolution , plus two artwork images.

The game will be available the 25 march this year in PC , Xbox 360 and PS3.

Playstation 3 ingame picture :
Playstation 3
PC ingame pictres :

Here are some videos comparing the ingame graphics for PC , Xbox 360 and playstation 3:

PS3 VS PC graphics comparison:

PC Vs Xbox graphics comparison:

Some Artworks leaked from crytek labs:
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