CES , MSI Unveils New All-in-One PCs

MSI, a leading manufacturer of computer components and systems, again demonstrated new concept products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that will totally change the perspective of All-in-One PC, and the way consumers interact with digital information in their homes.
Continuing to lead the industry in All-in-One product features, MSI has developed not just a regular All-in-One PC, but the screen can slide down to make multi-touch easier than ever. Conceptually inspired by the brilliant colors of the butterfly as rich and colorful life, MSI's new concept Butterfly All-in-One PC with LED Technology allows the users to slide down the screen to make multi touch easier.

The 10-point multi touch technology makes it the first All-in-One PC with more than 2-point touch, Also the keyboard can be stored behind it when not in use saving valuable desktop space. In addition, the 5 inch portable media player can wirelessly access the content of Butterfly PC, so users can enjoy movies, videos, pictures, or music wherever they are at home, without the hassle of file transfers in between. 

Product pictures:

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