Colorful iGame GeForce GTX 560 Ti features and specification

Colorful announces the latest NVIDIA graphics card - GTX560 Ti. Comparing with the GTX460, the new GTX560Ti provides 48 more CUDA Processors; as the architecture of GF114 is like an "update" of GF104 , the GTX560 Ti is compatible with the PCB solution of GTX460, that's why we could see most of the GTX560 looks like GTX460. Colorful also continues the PCB solution of iGame460, which made a great success in 2010, and named the new product as iGame560-1024 D5 Ymir. 

The iGame560 continues the Shark-inspired Bionic design on the cooler, however, it increases the surface of nickel plated cooper base and the length of the heat-pipes, to achieve better thermal performance. For the VRM area, it makes use of a 7-phase design, with high-grade ONSEMI-made MOSFETs which are covered by one piece of radiator. Just like other iGame Ymir series, it has a dual-BIOS design that is user-controllable with a switch on the rear panel, each BIOS stores a different clock speed profile, in Normal Mode, sticking to reference speeds of 820/4000 MHz (Core/Memory); in Turbo Mode, the clock is setting at 900/4200 MHz, and the performance will achieve to that of HD 6950.

 Key Features:  
• Shark-inspired Bionic Design, with Breathing Light equipped.
• Silver Plating Technology and 6+1 multiphase VRM.
• Unparallel Hybrid Cooling System, providing better thermal performance and lower noise.
• One Key Overclocking and Voltage Measure Points.
• Proadlizer capacitor onboard to provide better Overclocking capacity.
• iGame Tools Pack and mini HDMI cable provided(Optional).

• Name: iGame560-1024 D5 Ymir
• Graphics Clock (Normal/Turbo): 820/900 (MHz)
• Memory Clock (Normal/Turbo): 4000/4200 (MHz)
• Memory Capacity: 1024MB
• Memory Interface: 256-bit

Product Pictures:
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