Spire Gemini CPU Cooler

Spire Corp officially introduced their new high-end tower cpu cooler today. Gemini is the Zodiac sign for the twins. We have codenamed our newest high-end thermal solution due to the two towering dimpled fin heat-sinks. Gemini is the ultimate evolution of the hugely successful TherMax cpu cooler series. The increased number of heat-pipes combined with a higher number and density of dimpled fins and crowned with two high airflow fans for extreme cooling performance. Six U-shaped 6mm heat-pipes are in contact through the solid copper base with the CPU, rapid heat transfer to the 52 aluminum dimpled fins providing a larger surface area for optimum heat dissipation. 

The Gemini is supplied with two 12cm balanced DC fans providing high airflow. There are three versions of the Gemini, this because of different noise level requirements from users. One demands better cooling and cares less for noise, others want to build a silent system. The only difference is in the fan type. Part# SP986B1-V2 comes without PWM and PCI fan speed controller. Part# SP986B1-V2-P comes with PWM (4pin) controlled fans and the third version, part# SP986B1-V2-2P comes with PWM & PCI fan speed controller included. Compatibility is guaranteed with multi-platform mounting for all current Intel and AMD micro-processors. The Gemini is pure cooling power that takes performance to the level. Spire - Powered by Innovation.

Main Features:  
• Six (6) 6mm all copper U-shaped sinter-powder heat-pipes
• Solid copper base in direct contact with all of the processor area
• Straight lined heat-pipes allowing air to easily pass through
• 52 stamped aluminum wide fins for best surface rate
• Dimpled surface fin for increased heat transfer rate
• All black-Nickel coated to preserve killer looks from oxidation
• Two (2) 120mm BlackStar 9 blade fan design
• PWM & PCI Fan speed control management ( part# SP986B1-V2-2P )
• High Quality, Long MTBF Japanese No.1 Ball bearing
• Anti-Vibe soft fan corners, spring mounted fan clips
• Supports AM2/AM3 socket 939/940/ 775/1155/1156 & 1366
• Best cooling performance on hot cpu's up to TDP 150W
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