Windows 7 Vs Windows XP marketshare stats results

Statcounter reveals the top operating system in the US , the global stats show that Microsoft Windows 7 is now and for the first time more used than the 10 years old Windows XP , Windows 7 goes up from 13% in 2010 to more than 31% meanwhile Aprile 2011 :

This month's statistics from shows Windows 7 at 31.8%, Windows XP at 31.55%, Windows Vista at 19.12%, Mac OS X at 14.74%, and Linux at 0.7%. The three versions of Windows command a marketshare of 82.47% in the United States. Marketshare across all Windows versions was down by a hairline, where Windows was on 82.58% of all American computers in December 2010. Windows 7's marketshare appears to be gaining entirely at the expense of both Windows XP and Vista combined, rising by 5.47% since December while XP and Vista fell by 2.54% and 3.04% respectively, or 5.58% combined.

Windows XP still holds the top spot globally, at 47.1% compared to Windows 7's 31.28%. However, Windows XP's marketshare is falling faster globally than in the United States, dropping by 3.49% while Windows 7 rose by 5.42%. Global Windows marketshare also fell a slight amount to 91.64%, a 0.3% drop from December 2010.

Statcounter Global stat chart:
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