Frybench CPU Benchmark tool (download)

Frybench is a small simple tool to test and benchmark your PC CPU performance , supporting the latest CPUs , latest technologies and CPU architectures :

fryrender has been designed with the aim of being the most muscled engine in its category. As a result, and after several years of intense development, fryrender's core doesn't let a single CPU cycle be wasted. Its routines have been written to be cache efficient, and to take the maximum advantage possible of the new multi-threading capabilities present in modern CPU architectures.
We have walked the extra mile of profiling and even working at assembly level in certain areas of our rendering kernel all the way. Thus, being a highly-optimized and extremely math-intensive application (mostly in floating-point) which makes a very efficient use of the system's cache, we think that fryrender is an ideal tool for measuring 'how much brute computational power' a computer is able to deliver.

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