N560GTX-Ti MSI GeForce GTX 560 Ti HAWK Graphics Card

MSI start shipping of the GeForce GTX 560 Ti HAWK "N560GTX-Ti" video card featuring latest Twin Frozr III dual fan cooling solution ,MSI's exclusive Propeller Blade technology that delivers 20% more airflow than conventional fans and reduces GPU temperature by up to 17 degrees and a high overclocking potential 

Exclusive Propeller Blade Technology for 20% More Airflow
The MSI N560GTX-Ti Hawk features the advanced Twin Frozr III cooling solution. MSI's exclusive Propeller Blade technology delivers 20% more airflow compared to conventional fans, while the air channels on the fan blades expand the airflow area to carry away more heat from graphics card components. When coupled with dual 8cm PWM fans, super heat pipe technology and nickel-plated copper base, the result is a more efficient thermal dissipation solution, allowing the Twin Frozr III to achieve a staggering 17 degrees of temperature reduction versus the reference cooling design.
MSI's proprietary P/S Switch function allows users to change the speed of the dual fans according to personal preference and usage environments. Performance mode helps to keep the GPU temperature down even under high loads for the best performance, while Silent mode balances fan noise with thermal management during games or multimedia usage.

Improved Power Supply and Triple Overvoltage for Greater Overclocking Power
To provide users with the best overclocking performance, the N560GTX-Ti Hawk features an 8+1 phase PWM design. This boost improves overclocking stability by doubling the current output of the reference 4+1 phase design. MSI's proprietary Afterburner overclocking utility allows control over GPU/Memory/PLL voltages for unleashing the full overclocking potential of the N560GTX-Ti Hawk!

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