G.Skill DDR3-2300MHz 8GB details and benchmark test

G.Skill today released the fastest DDR3 8GB (2x4GB) 16GB kits with a speed at 2300MHz using low latency CL9 configuration , the new G.Skill DDR3 memory is running at 1.65V and will be available soon via G.Skill global authorized distribution partners , check out the press release for the benchmark test result and picture:

G.Skill R&D team has been dedicated to develop the fastest and best performing products based on 4GB memory sticks continuously. Following the marvelous achievement of DDR3 1900MHz 48GB and DDR3 2200MHz 16GB kits, G.Skill once again pushed the memory speed further and developed the industry leading memory kit. The DDR3 2300MHz CL9 kit has passed a series of rigorous tests and guarantees the best stability and performance.

"The 2300MHz RipjawsX 8GB gives you extreme speed and you can also enjoy the big capacity simutanously. It not only delivers record breaking overclocking performance, but also broaden your choices for building up an extreme performance workstation and a gaming machine" said Michael Chao, senior R&D manager at G.Skill.
G.Skill DDR3-2300MHz Benchmark test result (click to enlarge) :
G.Skill DDR3-2300MHz Benchmark

Product pictures:
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