AMD DDR3 memory confirmed and detailed

Yeah, AMD want to dominate everything inside your computer, so today AMD announce the beginning of AMD branded DDR 3 RAM in partnership with Patriot Memory LLC and VisionTek

For sure for the name of the module you can specifies that it will target enthusiast gaming rigs, with a high clock speed and low latency for the Radeon series, so AMD divide it to three series, the Radeon, performance and Entertainment Edition, bellow a picture of three models and a press release for more details:

As part of AMD’s development of personal computer platforms, the company has used the AMD OverDrive™ performance optimization tool to test and optimize DRAM in conjunction with the company’s APUs, CPUs, GPUs and chipset platforms. This unique insight is now helping AMD tune and optimize memory modules for other manufacturers.
“Patriot Memory will bring over two decades of experience and expertise into this ecosystem,” said Paul Jones, CEO of Patriot Memory. “Our proven ability to deliver the best technology at the most competitive prices will help pave the way to success for this memory line.”
In addition to leveraging AMD’s experience in creating graphics, CPUs, APUs and motherboard chipsets, this new product line also enables retailers to round out AMD bundles with memory, helping to ensure an easy, confident upgrade experience that places a heavy emphasis on compatibility and stability. Customers can purchase a complete package designed to deliver top performance and maximum value.
“AMD has been our strategic technology partner for ten years and VisionTek has focused our efforts on bringing their PC upgrade products to the North American market,” said Michael Innes, chief operating officer of VisionTek.  “The AMD brand means cutting edge technology, as well as uncompromising quality and compatibility for PC users.   AMD Memory will help expand the ability to optimize performance in personal computers of today and tomorrow.”  VisionTek will have availability of AMD licensed memory through its strategic North American distribution partner D&H. (
This initiative builds on AMD’s history of helping to supply high-quality DDR3 modules to video card add-in-board manufacturers in an effort to help ensure availability.
AMD Memory is available at three different levels - 2GB, 4GB and 8GB sizes - in a range of price points and speeds. The Entertainment category will feature 1333 MHz and 1600 MHz speed RAM, designed for quiet Home Theater PC applications. The Performance version supports speed up to 1600 MHz with low latency and comes in matched pairs. Finally, Radeon™ Edition DRAM will run at 1866 MHz, and is tuned, tested and certified for specific AMD platforms to enable maximum performance at competitive pricing.
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