AMD Radeon 7000 Tahiti details and features

After a long waiting from enthusiasts and fans, AMD will release the AMD Radeon 7000 series with the flagship card Radeon HD 7900.

The Radeon HD 7900 will use the next Tahiti graphics cores architecture and a new SKUs of this chip compared with the HD 6000 series and a 28nm processing technology from TSMC fabrication node , which will be available in January of 2012 in two versions, Tahiti Pro and Tahiti XT.

Later and as all precedent series from AMD or ATI, AMD will release a dual-GPU card Tahiti based, may be it will be named AMD Radeon HD 7990, a new liquid chamber cooling technology that use a pool of liquid that vaporate and back-on after condensation, this technology will take the place of the vapor chamber used now from AMD which for sure promise more performance to come, lets wait to see the benchs and numbers.

liquid chamber cooling technology
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