MPC Home Cinema v1.6.2.4902 with GPU assistance

Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.6.2.4902 is now ready for download with improvements and fixes, this small video player use GPU in addition to the CPU to improve the quality and performance of playback like the Full-HD x.264 videos playback, the new edition support the latest GPUs from Nvidia and AMD using latest DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA), in order to reduce CPU usage dramatically and decode different videos format.

  • MatroskaSplitter?: Support for QT video formats in Matroska v1 and MPEG-1
  • Added .tak extension
  • Added a new Zoom option "Auto Fit (large only)"
  • Ticket #1792, Show an OSD message and a status message when a favorite is created via the keyboard shortcut
  • Ticket #1866, Added suppport for MLP audio in MpaDecFilter? and DTSAC3Source
  • Ticket #2134, Added an auto-update feature to periodically check for new update. This feature can be enabled on first launch or via the Miscellaneous options page. The delay between the checks is also customizable.
  • Ticket #2193, Add PNG support for custom toolbars
  • Added Basque translation
  • Include unrar.dll in the installer; rar'ed subtitles should be supported out of the box

  • FFmpeg (git 72261fa)
  • MediaInfoLib? to v0.7.57
  • ZenLib? to v0.4.26
  • SoundTouch? to v1.7.0pre r142
  • VirtualDub? to v1.10.2-test9
  • zlib to v1.2.7
  • Detours to v3.0 build 316
  • Little CMS to v2.4 (git 9e246ec 23/05/2012)
  • French, Turkish, Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Italian, German, Polish and Portuguese (Brazil) translations
  • GTSdll support since it's dead
  • Option to disable XP theming since it's of no use for any OS >= Windows XP
  • Option "Use the WM ASF Reader for Windows Media files" since it has no effect on any "modern" OS (>= Windows XP)
  • SSF support

And more..

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MPC Home Cinema v1.6.2.4902 with GPU assistance MPC Home Cinema v1.6.2.4902 with GPU assistance Reviewed by Mhr on 18:03 Rating: 5

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