Uncharted PS Vita Vs PS3 graphics comparison pictures

After the successful comparison between the two gaming consoles from Sony on the previous one, which put under the scope Virtua Tennis 4 visual quality, here is another graphics comparison article between the six year old Playstation 3 and the all new Sony's portable gaming console, the PS Vita, the game to compare is from Sony, it's Uncharted.

Uncharted is a third person adventure video game exclusive on Sony's platforms, which is known by it's attractive visuals and successful graphics compared with similar games on the same roof, Uncharted graphics is even the best known on both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 from Microsoft, personally I was impressed by the graphics quality of this game on the new PS Vita and of course many of you react "wow this looks like the same graphics as the PS3 version! ".

Let's put the things close together in the same environments and judge by your self who is the winner, the test comparison compare uncharted golden abyss PS Vita Vs Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception on Playstation 3.


As you can clearly notice on the picture above, the texture on the Playstation 3 version is really high but the one on the PS vita is quite lower, that's because of the lower VRAM memory and general resolution.

Well, conclusion is that the PS Vita did pretty well compared with a powerful home console like the Playstation 3, the PS Vita take the lead on shades, lighting and colors density, but Playstation 3 pass away the small console on the texture quality and resolution, thanx to the big memory inside the PS3, indeed when you play Uncharted golden abyss on the PS Vita, you'll see different quality on a Sony LED 5" display, it's a HD resolution on a small 5inch display, don't forget a new gameplay experience using a touch screen and back touch-pad surface is a plus, anyways, the question is will we see a better graphics on portable console than home consoles soon ? By the way, its just announced that the Iphone 5 will get the same graphics power as the Xbox 360.

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Uncharted PS Vita Vs PS3 graphics comparison pictures Uncharted PS Vita Vs PS3 graphics comparison pictures Reviewed by Mhr on 22:52 Rating: 5


  1. captain obvious05:30

    comparing the ps3 graphics to the vita graphics and then announcing the ps3 graphics are better? are you... retarded?

  2. NONO12:17



    PS3 screenshot on first link and PS vita screenshot 2nd link, its the same image....


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