Nokia Lumia 900 hard screen scratch test

I was really impressed about this smartphone from the past using strong hardware inside and feature the latest Windows phone 7 and will support the next Windows 8, we are talking about the new Nokia Lumia 900.

Here is another uses of the phone, it's now used as a hammer, yes you can use the Nokia Lumia 900 to fix your door or window without any screen damage or digitizer problem, thats what a guys managed to do with the smartphone on a video spotted on "techcraver" channel, thanks to the incredible strong glasses technology using the new Corning Gorilla GlassGorilla and Nokia ClearBlack display, check it out you'll

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Nokia Lumia 900 hard screen scratch test Nokia Lumia 900 hard screen scratch test Reviewed by Mhr on 01:00 Rating: 5

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  1. Anonymous19:37

    Well, somehow I managed to scratch the glass on my Lumia 900. Guessing it was when I accidentally put my phone in my pocket with my key's.


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