CM11 "Camera Has Stopped" problem fixes Galaxy S3/S4

It's very annoying when you try to take a picture or a video using your Android smartphone and you'll get an error "Unfortunately, Camera Has Stopped", this is a problem available on CM10/CM11 and later versions so don't bother, the solution is very simple by these steps bellow.

This is tested and work on Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 smartphone and fixed the problem.


  • Go to Settings, and then Apps.
  • Now swipe to "ALL", then search for the "Camera" app and tap it.
  • There you'll see a "Clear Data" and "Clear Cache" buttons, tap them and your OK to go.
Now you camera will work fine, try to clear the cache and data periodically to avoid same problems.

Now if you still have problem:

  • Reboot your smartphone to recovery mode.
  • Select clear cache (don't select reset).
  • reboot the system.

This will work also for the pictures and videos Gallery app problems, and If you still have problem, leave a comment.

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CM11 "Camera Has Stopped" problem fixes Galaxy S3/S4 CM11 "Camera Has Stopped" problem fixes Galaxy S3/S4 Reviewed by Unknown on Thursday, March 20, 2014 Rating: 5