Easy install Android 5.1 to Galaxy S2 i9100 "Tutorial"

To this day, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a solid smartphone with it's 1GB memory, a dual core processor and a clear Samsung led display, many requests to install the latest Lollipop android in to the Galaxy S2, so here is a simple clean tutorial.

To install Lollipop android 5.1 first thing you must consider it might cause problems in some case or don't follow the tutorial steps,.

What you need:

  • An USB cable.
  • Computer.
  • SDcard.
  • Charge your Galaxy s2.
  • your brain !
  • Download the CM12.1 Lollipop android ROM from HERE, (courtesy of CM team)
  • Download GAP from HERE.
  • Copy these two files to your sdcard.
If you are running Android 4.1.2 Samsung official ROM:
  • You need to download odin and extract it to your desktop.
  • Boot to the download mode using "Home btn+vol-down and press power" when Samsung logo appear release power button.
  • Now connect your phone with USB cable to your PC and install related drivers.
  • iF driver is ok "ID;COM" must be blue, Now browse the tar syah recovery using "PDA" button and hit start.
  • Now you have a recovery to install your new ROM.

Installing Lollipop android CM12.1:
(if you coming from another CM or done step 1)

  • Boot to recovery using "Home btn+vol-UP and press power" when Samsung logo appear release power button.
  • Wipe cache and dalvik.
  • Go to install from sdcard and select the CM12.1 ROM zip file.
  • After installing the ROM do same thing for the GAP file.
Tha's it now reboot your galaxy s2 and wait for the start-up !

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