Visual Studio C++ CPU Benchmark 59 Intel/AMD Compared/Test

About Visual Studio C++ :
Microsoft Visual C++ is Microsoft's implementation of the C and C++ compiler and associated languages services and specific tools for integration with the Visual Studio IDE. It can compile either in C mode or C++ mode. For C, it follows the ISO C standard with parts of C99 spec along with MS-specific additions in the form of libraries. For C++, it follows the ANSI C++ spec along with a few C++0x features. It also supports the C++/CLI spec to write managed code, as well as mixed mode code (a mix of native and managed code). Microsoft positions Visual C++ for development in native code or code that contains both native as well as managed components. Visual C++ supports COM as well as the MFC library. For MFC development, it provides a set of wizards for creating and customizing MFC boilerplate code, and creating GUI applications using MFC. Visual C++ can also use the Visual Studio forms designer to design UI graphically. Visual C++ can also be used with the Windows API. It also supports the use of intrinsic functions, which are functions recognized by the compiler itself and not implemented as a library. Intrinsic functions are used to expose the SSE instruction set of modern CPUs. Visual C++ also includes the OpenMP (version 2.0) spec.

Benchmark Comparison/Test Results :
Visual Studio C++ CPU Benchmark 59 Intel/AMD Compared/Test Visual Studio C++ CPU Benchmark 59 Intel/AMD Compared/Test Reviewed by Mhr on 14:49 Rating: 5

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