GTX 480/470 Design Garage Tech Demo by Nvidia

The Garage Design is a demo based on OptiX, NVIDIA’s real time and programmable ray tracer optimized for GPUs.
via nvidia forum :
"We just released a demo called Design Garage for the GTX 480 launch that is a good example of using both SceniX and OptiX: This demo uses SceniX for its 3D framework and OptiX for all of its rendering, and you will find it runs about 3.5X faster on a GTX480 than on a GTX 280.

Of interest to SceniX developers – the demo is built upon SceniX 5.5 and uses QT toolkit along with its Kinetic extensions for its GUI. The OptiX shaders use the standard SceniX ray tracing traverser, and the demo uses standard SceniX APIs. In short, this demo could have been developed entirely outside of NVIDIA on our standard SDKs.

Of interest to OptiX developers - the demo has two rendering modes (interactive and photoreal) which are similar to "Whitted" and a physically correct path tracer. The demo’s rendering is produced by a paired set of 4 shaders (with the help of OptiX of course) which use Whitted for navigation and path tracing on mouse up. The shaders themselves are Phong, Glass, Metal and Car Paint.

Finally, while this demo has similarities to the path tracing example we showed last SIGGRAPH in New Orleans (also running on SceniX with OptiX), it’s completely new. Members of the OptiX team began first began writing the shaders after shipping OptiX in November, and the completed them before the holidays – showing you can get very far, very quickly on top OptiX. "

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