Intel 8 cores Xeon 7500/7560 Specifications

Intel has announced what they call the largest performance leap in Intel Xeon processor history , via guru3d the new CPU have the folowing features and specifications:
The new CPUs have up to eight processing cores and Hyper Threading (16 threads), which means they can scale up to 32 cores and 64 threads in four-chip platforms or even 64 cores and 128 threads on eight-chip platforms !  The most capable of the lot is the Xeon 7560, which has a clock frequency of 2.66GHz and 24MB of Intel Smart Cache memory, as well as Turbo Boost technology and four Intel QPI links. This chip is intended for super node high-performance computing applications in financial services and science. The thermal design power (TDP) of all processors can range between 95W and 130W.

In addition to their basic specs, all CPUs are built with over 20 reliability features, such as the Machine Check Architecture (MCA) Recovery, which enables a configuration to recover from system errors that would otherwise be fatal. This feature set makes Intel's new line capable of better protecting data integrity and minimizing planned downtime.
“The Xeon 7500 brings mission critical capabilities to the mainstream by delivering the most significant leap in performance, scalability and reliability ever seen from Intel,” said Kirk Skaugen, vice president of the Intel architecture group and general manager of Intel’s data center group. “This combination will help users push to new levels of productivity, and accelerate the industry’s migration away from proprietary architectures. We are democratizing high-end computing.”
The Xeon 7500 processors will be launched as part of systems from Dell, Fujitsu, Cray, IBM, SGI, HP, Cisco and Oracle

Intel has announced their Intel 48 core CPU more details HERE
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