Core i7 980XE Intel Stock Cooler picture & details

Considering that the Extreme Edition CPU’s are targeting overclockers and cost in the neighbourhood of $1,000, many have wondered why Intel hasn’t been able to provide better stock coolers. Well, it seems like Intel has finally listened and created something that at last looks impressive, at least if the cooler pictured on Chinese website Yesky is what will ship with the new CPU’s. With no less than four heatpipes, a copper CPU interface and what appears to be a 92mm fan, the new Intel stock cooler stands out from what we’ve seen supplied by the company in the past.
Oddly enough, Intel has chosen to use a metal wire fan guard, something that some of its CPU coolers have used in the past, although it appears as if this has to be removed before the cooler can be installed. What makes this cooler even more unusual, at least for something coming from Intel, is the fact that it doesn’t use push-pins. Yes, you read that correctly. Instead it comes with a rear mounting plate and has four screw mounts. There are two holes at the rear that allows for screwdriver access to the rear mounts.
Core i7 980XE Intel Stock Cooler picture & details Core i7 980XE Intel Stock Cooler picture & details Reviewed by Mhr on 14:23 Rating: 5

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