GTX 470 VS HD 5870 Benchmarks test "fake"

Update 2: 
The real final Specifications , price and Benchmark Results is out take look :

Benchmarks pictures By Chinese Websiteers so its not the official numbers
System Configuration:
i7 3.2G, 6GB RAM, Win7 Ultimate x64 

Benchmark Results:

Crisis Warhead Benchmark test: 
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Unigine DX11 Test :
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NVIDIA Geforce GTX 470 Scores 7100 in 3DMark Vantage GPU Bench (HD5850 = 6200 Mark ) :
"IT168 Graphics Channel " site recently received a special channel for news, said a new generation of NVIDIA's flagship graphics card GTX470 times accurate performance reports, GeforceGTX470 in somehow in the 3Dmark Vantage is divided into sub-X7400 around, GPU score of 7100 points, while the same platform Overall score for 6400 run RadeonHD5850 around, GPU score of 6200 or so. GeforceGTX470 810/3200MHz, 320Bit GDDR5, At the same time allegedly GeforceGTX470 core / memory operating frequency of 810/3200MHz, using 320Bit GDDR5 memory.
GTX 470 VS HD 5870 Benchmarks test "fake" GTX 470 VS HD 5870 Benchmarks test "fake" Reviewed by Mhr on 13:58 Rating: 5


  1. Anonymous05:47

    interesting results, can anyone explain the results to indicate why 470 was so optimized for dx11 but couldn't beat the 5870 otherwise?

  2. please keep in mind that the pictures Benches are not official !

  3. Anonymous18:32

    because the 470 is supposed to go up against the 5850, and the 480 is supposed to go up against the 5870?


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