How to volt mod your Radeon HD 6870

vrzone guys tested and reviewed a voltage modifications of the AMD Radeon HD 6870 , so if you want to push your HD 6870 to its limits just try this and of course at your own risk:

The default VDDC sits at approximately 1210 mV. The 200 ohm potentiometer should be a multi-turn type, set at its maximal resistance prior to installation. For better granularity at higher VDDC, use a 100 ohm potentiometer. For less initial voltage gain, try a 500 ohm one.

We do not recommend that you "ground" the potentiometer at any point other than the one illustrated above - doing so would defeat the differential sensing capability of the CHIL8214 Voltage Regulation Module (VRM) controller - and worsen the common mode noise rejection capability of the voltage-sensing amplifier.

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