Intel plans aggressive Sandy Bridge transition

Fudzilla reported that Intel will have a Massive share increase throughout 2011 ,planing an aggressive Sandy Bridge transition:

"Intel has rather ambitious plans for its new Sandy Bridge architecture and it is currently projecting that Sandy will make up close to 20 percent of its desktop shipments in Q1, while the share should jump to around 75 percent by the end of 2011.

The first Sandy Bridge based processors should start to trickle into OEM stocks before the end of the year, under Core i5 and Core i7 brands. However, they will have a negligible effect on overall shipments with a total market share of about 2 percent.

Things will get much more interesting in Q1 2011, when Intel plans to introduce Sandy Bridge based Core i3 parts. They should make up around 8 percent of total sales in Q1, while Core i5 share should jump to 7 percent as well. The Core i7 share should double to 2 percent. By the end of Q1, the total Sandy Bridge share should come close to the 20 percent mark.
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