SPARKLE GTX 580 /Calibre X580 features and specifications

SPARKLE announced it's Nvidia Geforce GTX 580 graphic card the new performance king these days with 772MHz core, 1544MHz shaders and 4008MHz memory the card use 3 big Arctic Cooling fans :

SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd., the professional VGA card manufacturer and supplier, today announced the SPARKLE GeForce GTX 580 Graphics Card, the fastest Graphics Card on the planet which give users game a adrenaline shot.
Additionally, the firm also introduced the Calibre X580. This card has a cooling solution from Arctic Cooling and features a 810MHz core, 1620MHz shaders and 4032MHz memory.
"Using the Accelero Xtreme cooling solution from Arctic Cooling, the Calibre X580 Graphics Card provides ultimate cooling weapon for hardcore gamers. The Accelero Xtreme features 5 heatpipes, 107 fins and 3 PWM fans. The radical optimized air flow design is targeting to cool effectively up to 240 Watt heat dissipation. The Accelero Xtreme can dramatically cool the temperature of the GTX 580 GPU at least 15ºC lower than the stock cooler. Together with the integrated memory and voltage regulator cooling, the Accelero Xtreme not only enhances the overclocking potential but also extends the card's service life. The three PWM fans from Accelero Xtreme bring maximum air flow but operate extremely silence, thanks to the low noise impellor design and the patented fan holder which eliminates the humming noise. The unnoticeable operation of Accelero Xtreme brings you the unparallel non-disturbed gaming experience ever before."

Specifications table:

Calibre X580 Vs ordinary Geforce GTX 580 design noise level and temperature comparison:

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