How to fix audio problem Xperia X10, root and xrecovery installation full steps

Hello SonyEricson Xperia X10 fans, today at this Guru how to post we're going to fix the sound or audio problem on your smartphone with some steps you should follow them to make it easy.

This strange problem is not fixed by SonyEricson and the only method to fix it is to install a fix package into your phone using the Xrecovery system and some ADB command lines, right now I'm listening to my favourite tracks (phil collins in the air tonight ) using the music player without any lags or sound problems :) .

So to do it follow these steps one by one:
First you need to download these tool needed for the process:

First thing you need to root your phone by:
  1. Download Flashtool over here and extract the files.
  2. Install the included driver "ggsetup-" inside "driver" folder .
  3.  Make sure you are on stock 2.3.3 FW
    Enable Unknown Sources & USB debugging in Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Unknown Sources & Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB Debugging
  4. Power down device and download this file from here and extract it to the "firmwares" folder inside flashtool than open FlashTool and press flash, select aZuZu_Kernel_DownGrade and OK.
  5. follow the on-screen instructions on flashtool .
  6. When done, leave FlashTool running
  7. Remove usb cable.
  8. Remove the battery for about Five minutes.
  9. put it back and power on device, after vibration connect usb cable.
  10. Wait till you see any info in FlashTool, then click root.
  11. After root is done. Phone will reboot.
  12. Now we must come back upgrade it back, download this one and put it on "firmwares" folder inside flashtool than In FlashTool press flash and select aZuZu_Kernel_UpGrade and OK.
  13.  When done. Pull out usb cable
  14. If the phone stuck at SonyEricson logo, remove the battery for 5 minutes and repeat step 11.
Now your phone is rooted you need to install Xrecovery, for this either use the xrecovery button from flashtool or download the Xrecovery apk to your SDcard over here.

Installing Xrecovery:

  1. Run "xRecovery-0.3-release" on your phone using Astro or any browsing tool
  2. Press Install .
  3. If it fail to install so you need to set the System file to read/write with "ESFile explorer" that you can find it on android market.
  4. After you install "ESFile explorer" go to setting and check root explorer and mount file system.
  5. Than go back to xrecovery usually inside your download folder and install it again, now it must install.
  6. Thats all now you need to download the Sound FIX over HERE.
  7. Put it in your sdcard root.
  8. Reboot the phone and when the "Sony Ericson" appear keep pressing the back button on your phone until the xrecovery menu appear.
  9. Using the volume +/- chose install custom zip and chose the "z_X10_audio_stutter_fix" you download it.
  10. If everything pass ok your done and you can enjoy your favourite music with no problems.
Note: The current xrecovery 0.3 may have some problem accessing your sdcard so if you face any "cant mount SDcard" error like, please follow this
  1. Download this package.
  2. Extract it , reboot the phone to the xrecovery menu, run the "1 - Command Prompt" and type these command lines one by one
rm -r /sdcard
mkdir sdcard
chmod 777 sdcard
  • Now install this fix using "install custom zip" menu in xrecovery.
  • and you can install the sound fix with no problem
Please if there is any problem check to see if any driver not installed, if si download the ADB driver over here, extract it and its inside the Driver folder.

Thats all I think, this is an all in one article combining xperia x10 flashing and rooting tutorials on the net, thanks to Xda guys, Azuzu and all gurus you can find more helps and tool at this link, to keep updating this article.

More help:
If you face any problem you can watch the process live at the two videos bellow:

Rooting the stock Android 2.3.3 Video:

How to Install xRecovery Video:

If you have any problem feel free to comment bellow.
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