HD 7970 Vs GTX 580 Benchmarks tests first leaks ?

OK this is the last unofficial news today, but I want you to take a look at them so take 'em with some spices.

Just found two benchmarks testing and comparing the upcoming AMD HD 7970 with the current available Nvidia Geforce GTX 580 using a relative performance comparison, so according to the leaked snapshots the  HD 7970 will be up to 1.6 time faster than the GTX 580, we can say that these results are 80% true when we consider the new 28nm processing technology used on the HD 7970 , 4.50 billion transistors packed and 2048 processing cores.(please consider the wrong graph scaling)

Check them and comment what you think if these numbers will be official:

leaked via gathering.tweakers.net forum

Update: Hello again, today the Radeon HD 7970 is out and available for testing, the up benchmarks results are not accurate so dont consider them from now, bellow the latest accurate and official benchmark results Ive chose, the AMD Radeon HD 7970 is about 1.15 to 1.20 faster in avrage than the Nvidia GTX 580. 

Benchmark results

Battlefield 3 benchmark:

Tessellation DX11 test result:

 3DMark 2011 test result:

 Power Consumption test result:
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  1. Anonymous08:50

    For perspective, lets put the missing .8 back on the bottom of the columns. Your pics appear to show improvements of anywhere to 100-400% over the originals where in actuality, where at best you are only seeing a 60% improvement, roughly 40% on average.

    Your graphs are visually misleading.

  2. Anonymous14:20



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